1:1 Illustrations

Photo Real Illustrations

The Challenge

Ronis my boss at Blueprint set me a challenge to do a series of Adobe Illustrator renders for a client engagement package. The package was to attract new clients, demonstrating our skills and the level of execution delivered by the agency. Taking on this challenge pushed me to the very boundaries of Illustrator and unlocked my love for illustrating!

The Approach

This task was very much a iterative process. Repeat, repeat and repeat until I could get it right. I had a selection of products in front of me and a challenge to recreate what was in front of me. I admit is what easier said than done!

The Outcome

I had three illustrations which looked like the three products I was repilcating. Hooray I had completed the challenge and learnt loads on Illustrator. Thanks Ronis

Client: Blueprint Product Design
My Role: Designer

Many Many Iterations

Arriving at the final illustration took many many attempts. This task really tested me observing the very fine details of a product, details I wouldn't have usually spotted.

Documenting The Process

Throughout my time at Blueprint I kept a diary, reflecting and keeping record of my time there, helped see what I had learnt. I've included a few images showing my Illustrating journey.

And a few more


A real challenging task which was very rewarding at the end. By jumping into the nitty gritty with Illustrator I learnt some invaluable lessons.