10 Problems 10 Evenings

Solve 10 UX issues in 10 evenings

The Challenge

I set myself the challenge to try solve 10 problems in 10 evenings after my day job. I did this to help improve my prototyping skills, improve my problem solving and speed of execution. 

The Approach

To begin with I asked people what annoyed them about any digital devices and services. From the problems raised, I picked my 10 favourite. I created an idea for each in the form of a prototype using Sketch and Principle. I then posted my idea on Dribbble each evening.

The Outcome

After the 10 evenings I had 10 new Gifs on my Dribbble page, a sense of acheivement and learnt a lot of lessons. You can read my Medium Post where I reflected on what I learnt!

Client: Myself
My Role: Problem Solver

Evening 01

How Much TIME do I Have Left on My Phone Battery?

The Problem

"It annoys me when my phone battery says 1% then lasts 3hours. Then another time it said 1% and died 5min later when I actually needed it!"

The Idea...Battery Life Time Countdown

Could the battery % be changed into a time countdown? When loads of apps are running it shows the battery life running out quicker. When the phone is placed in “Low Power Mode” or less apps are running the battery life runs down slower.

Evening 02

MUST Open Up Spotify to Favourite Songs

The Problem

"It’s annoying when I am on a run and hear a song I like on Spotify, there is no quick way to save it without getting my phone out and going into the app!”

The Idea...Quick Save Mode for Spotify

What if you could favourite a song by simply pressing holding the “Answer/End” button on your headphones, I have called it “Quick Save Mode”. My idea would save time and a way to say songs without opening the app. This solution has the potential to work across devices e.g Whilst typing away on your Macbook and your trying to wrap up that client email, favourite without interrupting your workflow.

One drawback is pressing & holding the “Answer/End” currently activates Siri on iPhones and activates Google Speak on Android. I am purposing whilst Spotify is playing Siri/Google Speak are disabled on long press. Two ways I have addressed this is the user is by warning the user when they turning the “Quick Save Mode” on, plus the “Quick Save Mode” only works when Spotify is actually playing a song.

Evening 03

Bookmarking Snippets on Audible is Unintuitive  

The Problem

“Bookmarking on audiobooks in Audible is a nightmare! When I click bookmark, an optional note box appears which disappears after 1second, I always miss it and can’t re-find it! I can’t crop the audio I want to save and worst of all I can’t figure out where they all my bookmarks saved!”

The Idea...Audible Bookmarks Redesigned

Clicking bookmarks opened up a text box which zooms into the current position on the timeline, this allows the user to edit which snippet of the audiobook they would like to bookmark. They can also leave a comment before saving. Saving triggers and animation which shows the bookmark travelling into the menu.

I feel I only half completed this evening, there are a few more user journeys I want create and share such as what happens when the user re-visits previously saved bookmarks and also how they can navigate to bookmarks saved within other bookmarks.

Evening 04

Too Much Choice!

The Problem

“I go to Ted Talks or Netflix when I want to watch something quick, but there are so many good choices I can never pick something to watch!”

The Idea...Video Choice Maker

To combat the paradox of choice, what if there was a selector which chose you a Ted Talk, based on your answers to two quick questions? This model could be adapted on both Ted Talks and Netflix

Evening 05

Too Many Red Notification Numbers on my Phone! 

The Problem

“I hate it when there are loads of red notifications all over my apps and I can never get rid of them” 

The Idea...Animated Notification Numbers

What if the notification centre was re-designed so it showed the red numbers expand into a notification and then show it disappear once the user has interacted with it or dismissed it. At the moment the red numbers seem disconnected with the notification pull down, especially on Apple products. I have also included the 3D Touch on the notifications - I hope Apple go ahead with enabling users to interact with notifications in the notification centre instead of having to go into the individual app.

Evening 06

In Slack a Recipient Can Still See Messages When The Sender is Editing Them 

The Problem

“It’s annoying that Slack keeps the message in the chat even when I am editing it! It is very confusing for the reader”

The Idea...Visible Edit Mode

When the the writer is editing a message the reader is notified that the message is being edited, this would avoid reader confused. It would be useful if the writer is made aware that their message isn't being displayed yet, so they can take their time and edit the message.

Evening 07

Don't Want to See the Score - Avoid Spoilers!

The Problem

“It’s really hard avoid seeing a football result when I don’t want to see it. The problem it is all over my social media, notifications, messages.”

The Idea...Spoiler Blocker

What if you could tell a ChatBot to block any information about a particular event. Using a tagging system this would blur any information that would be seen as spoiler. This idea could be used for any event a user wants to avoid seeing.

Evening 08

Understanding Other Team Members Job Roles

The Problem

“The biggest challenge working in a company is understanding what people’s roles are, who does what and how does it affect the bigger picture.”

The Idea...A Project Visualised Like a Football Match

A project team was visualised like a football team. With every project team, each member brings something extra. The purpose of this idea is to visualise the team as a squad aiming to win a match by working together and defeating blockers which may get in the way. The core idea is to help people in a team understand each others role better.

This idea does open a whole can of worms raising questions such as how would it work in practice? how would it be maintained? how does it fit into the workflow? So it's safe to say this wireframe it is a very very early starting point.

Evening 09

The Effort it Takes to Vote! 

The Problem

This was in the light of the recent EU Referendum. For those who didn’t register for postal voting had to go to the only one polling station where they could vote, what happens last minute and you can’t make it? it is a lot of effort to sort out a last minute proxy vote. This affected a few people I know which resulted in them not voting. This at least affected a dozen people in my own circles which is a dozen wasted votes.

The Idea...Online Voting

What if you could opt to vote online when you register. We can bank, shop, communicate, and order a new passport or driving license online, so why can't we use the internet to vote? This would avoid last minute issues where you can’t make it down to your polling station, not to mention the convenience. There is some thinking to be had here with the obvious issues such as the site crashing with extensive use or blocking any hackers. We know there has been talks of running online voting in the next election let see if it happens.

Evening 10

People ALWAYS Get My Name Wrong

The Problem

I wanted to end this 10 day challenge with a personal problem. It really annoys me when people can’t say my name correctly and it becomes awkward when I have to keep correcting them. I have so many alternative ways of pronouncing my name such aziz, A-sis, a-cis. This goes out to all the people who have difficult names to pronounce.

The Idea...Name Sound Clip

If you could attach a sound clip and a pronunciation text string to your name whenever you are messaging someone. This would save any awkward conversations where people don’t know how to say your name or avoid you having to correct people all the time. They can learn your name without having to ask.

The Conclusion

I learnt a lot from this challenge. In a nutshell it taught to stop worrying about the details in the early stage and focus more on communicating my idea across. Transitions and nice ui can be added later on down the line, just nail the concept first. I Have reflected in more detail on what I learnt in a Medium post!

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