Enhancing a Market Leader


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What is Voetbalzone
The #1 football news website in the Netherlands.

The Mission
Understand the users and recreate the Voetbalzone website to better fit their needs.


What did I do?

I worked from end to end. I lead the research and saw it through to the final outcomes which included visual design and analysising the performance once released.


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The Voetbalzone team visited the design team in Leeds. We had a group discussion to discuss goals and decide a project time scales. Investigating the users was the top priority. This would be the key driver in any agreed changes. 

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No research had been done on Voetbalzone previously which meant the design team were starting from scratch. We agreed a research plan (right) and found loads of interesting insights (highlights below).

User Heatmaps
Most user movement was recorded on the main body of the homepage with most clicks on the  top headlines. 85% of users reach the bottom of an article. There was a good user retention rate but only interacting with certain areas.

Why weren't users to interact with more areas of the website?

User Flows
Users usually go back to the homepage to pick an article to read they don’t go from article to article. We wanted to understand this flow by speaking to users.

Creating Personas

Stage 1
We interviewed users to get to know them and analysed each one afterwards. We were looking for personality traits, their goals, what our product must do for them and pain points.

Stage 2
Once we had highlighted our interview notes, we catergorised them into common themes from all the interviews.

Stage 3
We grouped the common themes together and defined 4 very different personas.

4 Personas...



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The research was summarised into a “Brand Summary” which included key brand values. The next steps were agreed which was to improve the most popular user flows. It was important to keep the experience consistent on mobile and desktop.

Highlighting Issues

  1. Key headlines lack prominence
  2. Limited infomation on top headlines
  3. Headline summary feels disconnected
  4. Floating numbers need context
  5. Limited user interaction with galleries
  6. Inconsistent navigation on all breaks
  7. Inconsistent layout on all breaks

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We were working towards a full website rebuild. The aim was to improve the overall experience focusing on the areas outlined during research. We experiemented with new styling.



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Mid way through the project the business changed it's strategy. This meant the time allocated for the project was cut short. The project went from being a full website redesign to only “quick fixes”.



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In order to maximise the time available we had to move quickly. Working with the Voetbalzone team “quick win” changes were made. Below shows the changes made.

Restlyled Navigation

Consistent Mobile Navigation

Improved Headline News

Added Clarity to News Lists

Better Signposts for Photo Galleries

Simplified Footer

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With limited time available we put the changes live without testing. Users opinions had already influenced our designs as we had spoke to them during the research phase. We were confident with our outcomes.


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The changes were a success! Heatmaps show user clicks spreading further around the homepage. The changes made areas of the homepage clearer and more accessible. This is important as it makes it easier to direct traffic to more parts of the website.

+665% more clicks on news headlines

+2337% more clicks on image galleries