Metail User Guide

Help Consumers Understand the Product

The Challenge

Design a suitable guide for the Customer Services team at Dafiti in Brazil. The purpose is so they can understand how to use the Metail product. It will allow them to answer the fullest range of questions from consumers.

The Approach

I was new to the Metail product so I took the time to get to know the product. I took note of key user journeys which would be the focus to the user guide. I explored examples of guides taking notes of inspirational layouts. I experimented with templates working alongside the team before settling on a layout.

The Outcome

A visual guide which was kept as simple as possible so anyone can understand it. The copy was also simple. The guide was laid out in logical steps guiding the user through the product.

Client: Metail
My Role: Freelance UX Designer

Product Adjustments

The first challenge was altering the Metail product to suit the Dafiti brandguidelines.

Dafiti Brand Considerations

The key parts of the product which needed to be altered were the the colour scheme to match the Dafiti brand and the language had to be changed to Portuguese to match the market. This affected copy, which on occasions wrapped onto two line. The key challenge was adjusting the product to suit these requirements.

Mapping out the Product

Initially a user journey was created to help understand the product and all the features. The idea was to brainstorm all the question that consumers may want to ask. The most common questions experienced from user research were also included.

Inspirational Layouts

Guide for technology and other products were researched.  Picking out the ones which were most effective to loosely base the guide on. Something all the guides had in they were all very clean and made use of white space to increase clarity.

Simplified Visual Layout

The guide was very visual and as simple as possible so anyone can understand it. The copy was also very simple. The guide was designed by think like a first time consumer using the product.  Product shots on one side and written explanation on the other as per best instruction guides. The sections included such as ‘How to start’ and “How can I personalise my MeModel?’ so the customer service team can quickly refer to sections. 

See Full Guide Here


The project was deemed a success as the business, as a newcomer to the product I was able to design the guide with fresh eyes and design for a similar audience. The guide created is now used as a template which is customised to explain the product to other clients.

Please do visit the Dafiti to have a go with the product.